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Raising the Curtain: The Making of Ironworkers Local 63 Training Center

A Training Facility Designed To Iron Out Labor Shortage What started as just a pile of dirt and a rendering has now taken shape into a one-of-a-kind, hands-on training center for the local Ironworkers union.   Engineering News-Record (ENR) recently published an article about the construction of the Ironworkers Local 63 training center in Broadview, Illinois,…

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Office to Lab Conversions: Adaptive Reuse in Life Science Is On The Rise

Adaptive Reuse

Adaptive Reuse in Life Science Is On The Rise The life science sector has significantly influenced the commercial real estate industry in the United States in recent years. The demand for life science lab space has soared by 130% since 2014. As scientific practices and the utilization of workspaces continue to evolve driven by technology…

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Building a Modern Law Firm: Trends and Timelines

Modern Law Firm

Many law firms are exploring new approaches to the design and layout of their physical offices in light of the changing workplace dynamics. Here are three key trends that are gaining popularity in law firm construction and insight into the important construction considerations associated with each trend. By understanding these factors, law firms can make…

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Building a Sustainable Workspace: 7 Eco-Friendly Tips

Sustainable Office

When it comes to making your office more eco-friendly, there are a variety of options to consider. Whether you’re building a new office or remodeling an existing space, there are many strategies that can help achieve these goals. Taking steps to make your office more environmentally friendly can not only help the planet, but it…

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The Exciting Rise of Food-Based Biotech

Key Takeaways The Rise Of Food-Based Biotech The world of life sciences has been expanding rapidly in recent years, with biotech, including food science, becoming an increasingly important sector. In fact, the global biotech market is expected to grow to nearly $730 billion by 2025! As the demand for sustainable food production increases, so does…

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Rebrand Announcement

Today, Unimark Construction in Washington, ACCEND Construction in Illinois, and Skyline Capital Builders in California changed their branded name to Skyline Construction. All three companies are owned by Skyline Enterprises and have operated as sister companies to Skyline Construction for years. The rebrand unifies the companies under the name Skyline Construction, making it easier for…

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COVID’s Impact on the CRE Industry

While we continue to feel the residual effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, firms across the commercial real estate and construction industries have learned how to quickly adapt and pivot to keep projects moving and on schedule. This week, the Building Owners and Managers Association of San Francisco (BOMA SF)hosted a series of virtual panelist discussions…

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Why Now is the Time to Invest in Air Quality Improvements

The road back to the office after this 2+ year pandemic has been paved with numerous false starts and stops prompted by new variants of the virus. Now that big tech and a number of other industry giants have announced their return to office plans, businesses everywhere are also beginning to ramp up their strategies.…

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7 Factors That Will Make or Break Your Commercial Office Restack

Office restacking is a growing trend among many businesses after the pandemic rattled our economy and changed the workplace as we know it. Companies are taking a careful look at their commercial real estate portfolio to assess what makes sense for their business in this new environment. Before COVID, office restacking was a common business…

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Our virtual jobsite experience using OpenSpace

It’s no secret that the construction industry has carried a reputation for being antiquated and behind the times with new technology. It’s time to dismantle that stereotype. For years, Skyline has actively invested in the tools to streamline jobsites and provide the best client experience. We focus on hiring staff with diverse perspectives, and make…

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The construction industry is ripe with conflicting information about supply chain interruptions and delays.  Some sources indicate that the supply chain outlook is positive and nearly back on track, while others predict significant delays for the remainder of the year.  Our construction teams continue to monitor manufacturers and suppliers to understand the true impact on…

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13 Ways to Prepare your Office Space for Re-Entry After COVID-19?

Questions of how to reconfigure office space in the post pandemic world exist to create a healthy, safe and enjoyable workplace that encourages employees to return to the office.  There are numerous options to consider ranging from simply removing conference room chairs all the way to installing motion-activated doors. Companies with high-density workstations and open…

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