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Sequoia Hospital

Labor, Delivery & Post-Partum unit at Sequoia Hospital



Interior renovation and structural upgrade of the Labor, Delivery Recovery & Post-Partum (LDRP) unit and associated nurse’s call station. This was the first LDRP suite upgrade since Sequoia Hospital was built, which will be used as a pilot for future hospital renovations. Skyline was able to work efficiently within the hospital’s accelerated timeline, as well as under their many noise, safety, and cleanliness restrictions as the hospital remained fully operational during construction.



Every project is fully customized to satisfy the specific needs of our client’s business. Here are a few features that make this space especially unique.

Occupied Space

The hospital remained fully operational during construction due to our team following the hospital's many noise, safety and cleanliness restrictions

Nurse's Call Station

A nurse's call station was build as part of the LDRP unit

Pilot Program

The upgrades made to this LDRP unit set the standards for future hospital updates