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Capcom's newly renovated office space provides a dynamic and immersive environment that celebrates their iconic gaming heritage while fostering collaboration and creativity.



Capcom’s office space underwent a transformative 16,000 sq. ft. renovation to provide its staff with a contemporary and vibrant environment. This project, designed to honor Capcom’s rich history in the gaming industry, introduced new private offices, an open workspace, meeting rooms named after iconic characters, and an employee break area. Innovative Nanofilm technology was incorporated, along with captivating wall graphics, immersing the space in the world of Capcom’s legendary gaming catalog. This revamped office space is a testament to Capcom’s gaming legacy and its dedication to crafting the future of gaming experiences in a visually captivating and creatively stimulating environment.



Every project is fully customized to satisfy the specific needs of our client’s business. Here are a few features that make this space especially unique.

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics were displayed throughout the space

Nanofilm Technology

Nanofilm technology was incorporated to create an immersive video wall



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