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Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals

A first generation research lab and office tenant improvement within a newly constructed, two-story tilt up building.



Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals emerges with a vibrant presence, occupying a sprawling 155,000 sq. ft. of cutting-edge research laboratory and office space nestled within the newly minted two-story tilt-up building of the Scripps Ranch Technology Park. Teaming up with Prevost Construction, the project embarked on a journey fueled by enthusiasm and innovation, laying the groundwork for a groundbreaking transformation.

The property encompasses 77,000 square feet of Class "A" office space, 52,000 sq. ft. of laboratories—including those for biology and chemistry with Biosafety Levels (BSLs) 2 and 3—critical utilities, cold storage, hazmat facilities, a 30-foot-tall nitrogen tank, and dedicated mechanical areas with a generator enclosure.

The building scope includes communal spaces, including a lobby, expansive meeting rooms, flexible work areas, interconnected staircases, and restroom facilities. Notably, the project features a new kitchen breakroom, custom banquet seating, a cutting-edge training room with audio-visual capabilities, and a fitness center complete with showers. High-end finishes and custom drywall and millwork details pervade the entire facility, elevating the work environment.

The mechanical yard serves as a hub for essential infrastructure, housing a covered chiller room with roll-up doors, a 3-megawatt generator with an enclosure, an emergency distribution electrical room, and an open-air cooling tower space. Extensive structural modifications were undertaken, incorporating steel beams, pan decking for the roof, standing seam metal roofing, and stepped footings to accommodate sewer and storm drains.

The Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Facility achieved LEED Gold certification, underscoring a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The project team played a pivotal role in facilitating the LEED process, aligning design and construction practices with stringent certification requirements.

Engaging the expertise of the Prevost team proved invaluable, enabling meticulous consideration of constructability and maintainability alongside design aspects. Upon their involvement, a thorough examination of the current plans revealed potential challenges with ceiling heights, prompting innovative solutions such as the implementation of a mechanical catwalk. Leveraging Building Information Modeling (BIM) expedited the execution of these adaptations. Given the substantial mechanical requirements, additional structural reinforcements were installed above the ceiling to support equipment.

The integration of Prevost's expertise into the development of the new mechanical catwalk not only streamlined installation but also introduced enhanced accessibility across the facility. This ensures future maintainability without causing disruptions to business operations or workflow. A key advantage of having the Prevost team involved in this project was their ability to contribute means and methods to the design process to encompass the practical aspects of constructability and maintainability within the facility.

Central to the project's success was addressing a pivotal concern for the client – timely occupancy to align with existing lease expirations. In response, the project team implemented phased turnover strategies, offering early Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) for occupied areas while adhering to the agreed-upon schedule. This proactive approach mitigated disruptions and underscored a commitment to client satisfaction. Leveraging the expertise of the Prevost team, coupled with a commitment to sustainability and client satisfaction, resulted in the successful delivery of this state-of-the-art research facility and office space.





Total Sq. Ft.



Total Labs Sq. Ft.



Tons of Cooling



Mega Watt Generator



Every project is fully customized to satisfy the specific needs of our client’s business. Here are a few features that make this space especially unique.

Mechanical Catwalk

Built with the facilities engineer in mind with serviceable equipment accessed by a mechanical catwalk above lab areas

3 Mega Watt Generator

Capable of supplying backup power to the entire lab areas and its crucial zones

Mechanical Equipment Yard

Housing chillers and a cooling tower with 300 tons of cooling

Clean Room and Labs

Biology and chemistry labs with BSL 2 & BSL 3



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