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ONE UNIFIED BRAND Skyline Construction.

Rebrand Announcement


ACCEND in Chicago, Unimark in Washington and Skyline Capital Builders in California have rebranded to Skyline Construction. Consolidating all brands under Skyline Construction’s name and logo makes it easier for our customers to find and partner with us in Northern and Southern California, Washington, and Illinois. While the name of the company you work with may have changed, our local teams and organizational structure all remain the same.


What Changed?

Just the names of our companies. ACCEND, Unimark, and Skyline Capital Builders are now Skyline Construction. Consolidating all brands under Skyline Construction’s name and logo makes it easier for customers to find and partner with us. This translates into more customized service, volume-based savings, and immediate availability of teams across our markets.

How does this impact my project?

Current projects are not impacted. Our legal entity structure did not change, so there will be no updates to contracts, and you do not need to update your system for new tax IDs, etc. All new projects moving forward will be built with the Skyline Construction name.

Why the name Skyline?

Skyline Construction is the foundation of our organization with a 25+ year history, rich in commercial interior construction. ACCEND, Unimark, and Skyline Capital Builders already operate as part of Skyline. Our rebrand solidifies that we are one seamless organization, making it easier for clients to partner with us in all of the locations we serve.

What looks different?

If you are used to working with Skyline Construction, nothing changed. If you worked with ACCEND, Unimark or Skyline Capital Builders, the name, logo and brand identity transformed into Skyline Construction.

Did Servicemark change their name?

No, Servicemark continues to operate as Servicemark. Their business line is different, and they remain their own company under the Skyline umbrella. This group handles minor repairs, handyman services, and prefabricated solutions for the commercial real estate industry in Washington, with aspirations to expand into a national platform in the near future.



Each of our nine office locations one is led by a team of local construction experts with deep knowledge and understanding of their region’s construction market.


The Bay Area has been our home for over 25 years with 4 local offices.


Prevost Construction, a Skyline Company, has been a leader in San Diego for 30 years.


Our Seattle office’s roots date back to 1953 with recent expansion into Bellevue.


Our Chicago team has built some of the creative and complex projects in the midwest.