Jessica brings more than 15 years of experience in corporate accounting and finance to her role as CFO. Her responsibilities include providing direction and control to the financial and accounting functions of the company; participating in the formation and implementation of financial plans and company policy; furnishing information for planning and control; and providing general financial, accounting and management decisions. As a member of the executive team, she provides the detailed financial analyses that enable strategic and data-driven decision making.


Jessica believes that construction is a great industry for accounting professionals to build their careers. “This industry is always in need of experienced professionals who understand and can strategically manage construction financials,” said Jessica. “Further, project accountants who can effectively support and partner with their Operations counterparts to manage projects are an invaluable resource.” Jessica looks forward to mentoring those who are in pursuit of growing their careers in the construction industry, particularly those who are interested in a CPA career path as an experienced professional, rather than directly out of school.


Jessica enjoys traveling and recently spent time in Southeast Asia. She also takes an annual trip to Croatia to visit with her husband’s family. Next up on her travel bucket list are South America and Northern Europe.