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Our approach is simple: support the people, organizations and communities that make an impact on our clients, employees and the industry as a whole.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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Skyline is committed to creating a workplace that embraces the value of differences and dismisses stereotypes. We foster an environment where all types of people unite to build diverse teams and benefit from each other’s strengths and perspectives. One that reflects the diverse community we live in and aligns with the needs of our valued partners and clients. Skyline believes that by listening, learning, and leaning on one another, we can Build Better Together. A better workplace and a better community.


We’re creating a workplace that embraces our differences and broadens our perspectives. Inspired by the diverse communities we’re part of, we are taking strides to build better together: a better workplace and a better community.

Diverse Workforce

Empowering Change

It all starts by creating a varied and rich employee base that reflects the diverse community we live in and aligns with the needs of our clients. Hear directly from our employee-owners.

We “walk the talk” at Skyline.

We “walk the talk” at Skyline. The focus is on providing an inclusive culture and meaningful experiences instead of chasing a diversity statistic. This approach makes me feel like a truly valued contributor to the team and less like a headcount.

Gabby Santana

Brand Manager


Supplier Diversity

Skyline is intentional about building a diverse workforce on the jobsite. This includes selecting underrepresented business enterprises, trade partners and vendors whenever possible. Our prequalified, diverse vendor list is reviewed and updated frequently to expand the pool of qualified subcontractors and partners.



Representation At Every Level

As one of the few female CEOs in this industry, I feel an immense obligation to create a work environment that fosters growth, education and mentorship for women at Skyline and throughout the broader construction industry.


- Jessica Carps, CEO



Female Leadership



Diverse Workforce



Years of our Women’s Network


Women’s Network

The Skyline Women’s Network spans all of our locations with quarterly events that foster internal and external mentorship, networking and education. We partner with clients and educational instructors to bring learning, understanding and acceptance for all employees who identify as women.




Chloe’s Experience

Team Stories

"Things are changing. We’re finally in a place where companies understand how fundamental it is to integrate all kinds of people. Women are more accepted and valued in the industry as a whole than ever before, and Skyline is at the forefront of this shift."

Women in Construction Operations


“Don’t let the stereotype of ‘it’s a man’s world’ stop you…It takes the right person to be successful at a job, it doesn’t matter what their gender is.”

Katie Evans


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Giving Back

Community Connection

We tribute our work to the people who make up our communities. We sponsor and participate in events that are near to our employees hearts, allowing us to strengthen the connection between Skyline and the communities we serve. And hey, we get to have fun along the way too!

Skyline in Action

Our Favorite Events

Each of our offices take part in community events - take a look at some of our latest gatherings!


Organizations We Adore


Eco Thinking

Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is built into every aspect of our business, from reducing waste in each office to imploring sustainable construction practices on job sites. We’re committed to educating our teams in exceeding industry best practices to create a healthier future.


We partner with Green Halo to maintain a sustainable construction waste management plan and to ensure compliance with local, state and federal recycling guidelines with accuracy and efficiency.


Green Building

Project Certification

We build every project using sustainable construction practices. LEED and WELL certified projects are an added bonus, and we love when our clients select this route. Our team of sustainability experts will partner with clients to achieve their desired level of certification.

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Team Insight

Natasha Gonzales

“I appreciate that our client’s sustainability goals align with our company’s core values. Ingraining green building, LEED and WELL Certification standards into our office and job sites is an important step forward.”