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Medivation's 5-floor San Francisco office restack



This 130,000 sq. ft., 5-floor, phased tenant improvement project is in one of San Francisco’s largest office buildings. The scope included complete demolition and rebuild of all floors including an interconnecting staircase between 2 floors adjoining the reception area with a large kitchen and break area. Unique features included a custom wood and glass Modernfold partition, Techzone ceilings with a dropped ceiling element, high-density filing system, server rooms with new pre-action & FM200 systems, Genius Bar with custom stone, steel and glass desk, Eurospan and Barisol ceiling for skylight effect, complex security/AV integration and high-end finishes throughout all 5 floors.



Every project is fully customized to satisfy the specific needs of our client’s business. Here are a few features that make this space especially unique.

Interconnecting Staircase

Installed a beautiful modern marble staircase connecting 2 main floors

Modernfold Partition

Folding acoustic walls that transition a large training space into three conference spaces

Techzone Ceilings

Custom, modern, acoustical ceiling panels with integrated light fixtures