We proudly celebrate women in all departments throughout the organization including the board of directors, executive team, head of operations, project management, financial services, human resources, branding, sales and more. To top it off, we have women at all levels within departments, creating true mentorship opportunities. As a result, this is a wonderful time for women to enter the construction business and join Skyline’s family of companies.


Q: What advice do you have for those entering the construction industry?

“Don’t Be afraid to start from the bottom to get your foot in the door. Construction is FAST PACED AND exciting. No day is exactly the same, AND THERE’s ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW TO LEARN.“

Nicole Benavente, Assistant Project Manager



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Q: Why is it a great time to enter the construction industry?

“Construction exposes you to every aspect of business, not just projects but relationship building, new technology, codes and laws, people and environmental programming. Seeing and being part of projects as they come to life is incredibly satisfying.“

Jamie Hale, Assistant Project Manager



Q: What do you enjoy most about working in construction?

“construction provides a dynamic work environment, where every project presents slightly different circumstances that require critical thinking.  The industry presents a very rewarding career where you will collaborate as a team to derive the best solutionS for clients.”

Lynn Benoit, Controller

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