We proudly celebrate women in all departments throughout the organization including the board of directors, executive team, head of operations, project management, financial services, human resources, branding, sales and more. To top it off, we have women at all levels within departments, creating true mentorship opportunities. As a result, this is a wonderful time for women to enter the construction business and join Skyline’s family of companies.

Jamie Hale 2019.jpg

Why is it a great time to enter the construction industry?

Construction exposes you to every aspect of business, not just projects but relationship building, new technology, codes and laws, people and environmental programming. Seeing and being part of projects as they come to life is incredibly satisfying.
— Jamie Hale, Assistant Project Manager


What advice can you share with those thinking about entering the construction industry?

My advice would be to dive right in and keep showing up. “Showing up” means trying your best every day, familiarizing yourself with the job-site, studying your plans, celebrating simple victories and asking lots of questions—especially with your subs. You’ll be surprised how much people like to talk about their trade.
— Melissa Cayabyab, Project Engineer


Why is it a great time for women to work in construction?

Now is a great time to work in construction because not only are women empowering women, men are empowering women too! Working in construction and being viewed as a counterpart to my male peers has given me the drive to step up, be heard and work towards solutions as part of a team, regardless of gender.
— McKenzie Meindersee, Project Engineer


What do you enjoy most about working in construction?

I love that construction is fast paced and challenging and provides me the opportunity to establish relationships with clients and subs. I get to learn every day, as no 2 projects are ever the same. I have the opportunity to see how all the pieces come together in terms of which trades impact other trades and the progression of the phases from beginning to end.
— Veronica Willagar, Assistant Project Manager

Kendra Sutherland 2019.jpg

If you had a crystal ball, what would you predict the future of construction will look like?

The construction industry has the potential to be shaped by 5x more women than its current make up just by getting its workforce to an even split. The result will be a synergy of fresh perspectives and new voices coming together to complement existing industry knowledge and experience. With greater female representation, the construction industry is sure to grow in new ways, leading to greater productivity, business success and an overall healthier work environment.
— Kendra Sutherland, Project Coordinator