This project included the demolition and removal of three old Marley Wood Cooling Towers, replacing them with three new BAC Cooling Towers. The project was completed in two phases. One Marley Tower remained functioning for the building’s cooling needs, while the installation of the three new towers took place. Once all three were running and commissioned, Skyline Construction demolished the last tower and installed the new steel platform.


DURATION: 24 weeks

ARCHITECT: Amit Wadhwa & Associates



This project involved the removal and replacement of the building’s old vain axial supply and return fans with a new fan wall system provided by Huntair. Each phase of the project took place over the weekend, running a 24-hour shift to ensure that the tenants in the building were not disrupted by the work. The newly installed fan wall system is quieter, more efficient and easier to maintain. It provides better redundancy; in the event that a fan malfunctions, the damper closes allowing that fan to be removed from the system and repaired with no downtime or effect to the tenants in the building.  


DURATION: 8 weeks

ARCHITECT: Syska Hennessy



Project involved the replacement of three building cooling towers at roof level. Existing wood cooling towers were demolished, and new cooling towers were constructed at roof level in a phased implementation to ensure that three cooling towers were operational at any given time.


DURATION: 24 weeks

ARCHITECT: Amit Wadhwa & Associates



The project involved the replacement of the building’s fifth-floor north and south side supply fans with new Huntair fan wall systems. Scope of work involved demolition of existing fifth-floor north and south side supply fans, filter racks and associated ductwork, installation of (15) new fan walls on both the north and south sides, new filter bank and new cooling coils, new motor control center, construction of new high-pressure plenum on each side with new high-pressure doors and new controls.


DURATION: 12 weeks

ARCHITECT: Oldham Engineering