DivcoWest recently unveiled newly renovated lobby at 1999 Harrison Street, Oakland

Skyline Construction and Huntsman Architectural Group joined forces to transform a once cold and outdated lobby into a design that embraces natural light and prominent views.

The client’s goal was to create a collaborative environment that bridges the building with neighboring Lake Merritt and Snow Park. Some design elements of the original lobby were left intact, but softened to blend with the new look including the stone floor which was honed to reduce glare. For occupant comfort and aesthetics, modern features were added to the lobby including a picturesque water fountain surrounded by a wooden bench, pristine white plaster columns, fabric wrapped panels, area rugs, plush seating and the use of natural materials, all meant to give the space a more human scale. A custom millwork reception desk was relocated to a central site to provide visibility for guests entering the space. 

1999 Harrison Street is a 27-story Class A high-rise office building with a one-story retail strip facing 20th Street, adjacent from Oakland’s Lake Merritt and Snow Park. Skyline completed construction to the 14,000 sq. ft. lobby on weekends to avoid disruption to business. The project was completed on schedule in 15 weeks.


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