As chief administrative officer and a member of the board of directors, Randy is responsible for corporate risk, legal, safety, technology, new business units, diversification, expansion and overall leadership direction.


Randy studied structural engineering at the University of Toronto. As he built his career, he gravitated towards construction due its active, participatory and challenging nature. Randy was attracted to work for Skyline as an entrepreneurial organization with the opportunity to develop a team and build a new service offering.


When it comes to management, the teachings of Tom Peters in his book “Management by Wandering Around” resonates with Randy. He believes that leaders should “talk to people, try to connect with them and lead by example.” Around the office, Randy is definitely the “technical construction guru;” he loves to chat in detail about the technical aspects of construction and serves as resource to others who want to learn.


Randy enjoys California’s wine country, particularly tasting robust Zinfandels: “My best evenings are spent sitting on the back patio with my wife and dog, with the fireplace going and a glass of Zin in hand,” said Randy. As intentional as he is at work, many are surprised to learn that Randy enjoys spontaneous traveling. Most of his trips have been taken with little-to-no reservations or planning. On these trips, Randy opts for working out accommodations, restaurants and entertainment in the moment, throughout his stay. His favorite travel destination to date is the south of France for the food, ambiance, wine and overall atmosphere.