Skyline Construction, as we know it today, would not exist without David Hayes.

Before joining Skyline, David admired the construction industry from afar through his participation in BOMA and through working with general contractors as a vendor. “I noticed the people in the construction industry seemed to be having a lot of fun, while doing some really large and expensive projects in marquee high rise locations in downtown SF, so when I was approached by the founders of Skyline to join them as a partner, I was excited to enter this business.” In 1996, David restructured Skyline into a 100% employee-owned entity which changed the direction and culture of the company forever.


“C” for Captain

David’s leadership instincts were honed from his youth.  Growing up as an athlete, he often served as captain for many of the teams he played for, “I always wore the “C” on my jersey playing sports and it came a great responsibility.  I have the same mentality towards business-- no task or job is too small or too big for me. My goal is always to try and help the team and move the ball forward. I hope the lessons I teach are persistence, humility, focus and communication, coupled with a genuine desire to get better, results in personal and professional success.”


David is respected as a skilled businessman, leader and innovator, but if you ask him what his talents are, he would boast about his abilities to spin plates and create his own parody versions of popular songs—skills he crafted during his down time while waiting tables in college.

In his free time he likes to ski, “sometimes backwards, and sometimes on purpose,” skates, plays golf and travels, “Being an immigrant from Europe I have family all over the world, which makes for fun travel experiences.”