Howard has been working in the construction industry since 1974. He was formerly Vice President of Able Services and helped grow the company from a $6 million to $275 million company before leaving to join Skyline Construction in 2004.

Howard was one of the original employees of Skyline’s new ESOP structured entity. In his tenure at Skyline, the company has grown from $25 million to the $267 million business it is today. He is responsible for maintaining client relationships, identifying new business opportunities and applying best practices. As a conduit between clients and project managers, he anticipates and resolves issues before they ever arise. 



Howard believes that clients and customers are second to none.  He believes in hard work, long hours, building lasting relationships and doing whatever it takes to get the job done well the first time. Howard is referred to as the "cultural glue" that binds Skyline together.  He is always good for a laugh, a joke, a ride around the city or lending an ear and a piece of advice.



Howard is native San Franciscan and a family man with 2 children who are both married, living in Chicago and Boston. His #1 hobby by a landslide is traveling; he has a travel track record of 30 different countries and 48 US states. Howard is married to a lovely Israeli woman and has visited Israel 7 times. He and his wife enjoy dining out and going to the movies together.