Craig developed an interest in civil engineering in high school after spending 2 summers working for a land surveyor. In his senior year, a job description for a General Contracting Field Engineer caught his eye and he decided this would be his career path. After earning his degree, Craig joined Turner Construction as a Field Engineer, where he worked for 30+ years, earning his way to an executive of the firm.

Reminiscing on his career, Craig recalls, “That was when I fell in love with construction. I spent the first few years primarily coordinating tenant improvement projects. Who would have known that the experience of my first 3 years would end up being my career calling!”

Craig joined the Skyline team in 2014 to support CEO David Hayes' vision for growth in the Silicon Valley market. “The vision for the company was stellar but what I learned coming to work for Skyline is that all employees are truly viewed as owners. People listen to your ideas and support you. The camaraderie and the go-getter attitude make it an excellent place to work.”



Craig does not believe in micromanagement. Instead, he prefers to be a resource for ideas and strategy, while keeping people focused on the job at hand without distraction. “I trust people to do their job and I like to think I give them the room to do so. I enjoy it when people approach me with questions, and I also enjoy when they come to me with ideas on alternative ways to tackle situations.”



Craig's love for construction is only rivaled by his love of sports. He has coached 40 teams over the past 15 years, supporting each of his three children. "Sports is certainly something I love and could share with my kids.  I enjoy watching their skills develop over these many years.”

Craig loves college football (go Notre Dame!) and all levels of baseball. He played 4 years at Valparaiso University and continued to play in an adult baseball league through 2016.

In his free time, Craig enjoys spending time with his wife (who is a USC Trojan Grad) and working in the yard.