Chris Attard




Chris never considered the construction industry before she decided to broaden her career in human resources; but now 14 years later, she couldn't imagine any other alternative. "I was sold it was a good environment for me. I enjoy watching the development of the projects from drawings to the end-result, and most importantly, the construction industry has people who are incredibly knowledgeable and talented who have a passion to build these beautiful spaces. What I enjoy mostly about this industry is the down to earth, dedicated workforce" Chris explains. Today, Chris is a proud member of the NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction), an organization for the professional development and networking for women in the field of construction.


Chris view's her role as an opportunity to be a true advocate of the people, with ultimate goal of building an even better place to work. "I'm against the strict 'principal-style' of HR management. I consider myself the one to supports all levels of employees and providing resources to help people communicate and work better together" says Chris. It was the alignment of Skyline's culture and her own work philosophy that ultimately brought Chris here. "Skyline's management embraced my Employee Relations model of treating employees as people, not a number, and with dignity and respect. They also recognize HR as a valued entity to support the organization with company’s vision and initiatives."


Chris spends much of her free time traveling to visit her 3 children who live in 3 different states: New Jersey, Colorado and Oregon. In between trips, she finds relaxation in swimming, strength training, reading and having monthly card games with her friends who are also are also facing the "empty nest" phase.