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Sr. Project Manager



Al is respected in the industry for his experience, poise and knowledge. He has built space for some of the Bay Area's most influential firms such as Pandora, Twitch, Dropbox and Google. Al developed his career at Skyline from the ground up, starting in 2005 as an intern and advancing up the ladder to Senior Project Manager. He earned his degree in Construction Management from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. He is also a LEED accredited professional and offers LEED sequencing, day-to-day documentation and site procedures inspection to his clients. 


As a leader, Al sets clear expectations and direction from the get-go then leads by example, causing a trickle down effect that inspires his team to follow in his footsteps. According to his team, you will never meet anyone as organized, meticulous or color-coded in your professional career as Al.


Al is a health and fitness guru and can be found smashing a 2-hour gym session in his free time. He believes in a healthy lifestyle as a key component to staying focused and confident. He also enjoys traveling with his wife, especially to Hawaii where they were married.